My love/hate relationship with trees


Tinker Lautar, a childhood friend, wrote me this morning reminding me that in the spring of 1959 our 6th grade class planted a magnolia tree at East Side Elementary in observance of Arbor Day.  (Arbor Day in Mississippi is the second Friday in February.)

I remember it like it was yesterday down to what I was wearing which was jeans with a skirt on top.  (My mother didn’t believe that women should wear

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The next to the last concert

Torquays in the park 005

The Torquays have found new life.  We just won’t let them quit. If you haven’t heard them sing “Stand by Me” you’ve missed a beautiful experience.   Miss Nell would be so proud. Remember her, guys?

The high school dance band that provided the sound track for our high school years reorganized for our 40th class reunion in 2005.  They were so great we just keep calling them into action. Suddenly every class wanted them to perform.

Hey these guys are getting worn out.  They perform for free and it’s not easy to haul around all that equipment.

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