Early Light – Today is “No Pants Day”

Today is Friday, May 2, 2008. It is the 123 day of the year with 243 remaining.

This is “No Pants Day” in Austin, Texas. No joke. The tradition dates to Trouser-Free Day which had its beginnings in 1928 in Hollywood. The tradition migrated to Texas where Austin’s breezy young adults wander the streets in their underwear each year on the first Friday in May. I wouldn’t try it anywhere else. You would probably get arrested.

For “foodies” like me this is a special month. It is declared National Barbeque Month, Egg Month, Salsa Month, Smile Month, and Sweet Vidalia Month. What could be better than that?

On this day in history in 1932, NBC radio introduced a new entertainer. JackBenny was paid a salary of $1,400 a week.

In 1974 filming got underway for the motion picture, “Jaws” in Martha’s Vineyard. The original budget of $3.5 million exploded to $8 million but director Steven Spielberg knew he had a gold mine.