High level talks at reunion summit

gang in rit

Part of the fun of holding a class reunion is planning the class reunion. A few members of the West Point High School Class of 65 convened today in the venue we hope will serve as reunion central during our 45th class reunion in 2010.  It was in the repurposed and breathtaking Ritz Theatre. Continue reading

Wandering classmate finally comes home

hazel and john 006

Hazel – at right – is the one that got away.  Of all our girlfriends from Old West Point High School, she ventured off farther than the rest of us had the nerve or moxie to do successfully. We renamed her Hazel in third grade.

Actually, sometime in 1963, she took to calling me Gene and I called her Autry.  That’s how “country” we were. We roomed together in college and what a year that was! Continue reading

Whirling dervishes and beloved boomerangs

I’ve begun thinking of us as boomerangs. We’re members of the elite class called baby boomers who were together from kindergarten to college. But no matter how far we wander in this world, we always come back together, and we’re 16 again. Now how many of you can say that? Continue reading