Where have my playmates gone?


The answer to that question is easy.  The “kids” I grew up with are no longer my playmates.  They have become my family, and that family got together this weekend to celebrate another year of our lives.  Above Bob Marshall, Carole Higgins Morton and Billy Damron journeyed to West Point to paint the town green and white one more time.

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You can go home again

kornegay tour 019

Sometimes I want to kick myself.  Today I got a chance to tour what I consider one of the most beautiful old homes in my hometown. I passed that house, what…maybe 6,000 times during my youth and 5,000 times since then.  I never noticed the “for sale” sign in the yard if there ever was one.

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All roads lead to West Point for Prairie Arts


  • For 33 years, an annual Prairie Arts Festival has been held in West Point,  Mississippi, on the Saturday before Labor Day.  Hundreds of vendors set up their wares and  attractions feature children’s activities, live music and food for the thousands of people who visit the little town where we grew up.

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