My love/hate relationship with trees


Tinker Lautar, a childhood friend, wrote me this morning reminding me that in the spring of 1959 our 6th grade class planted a magnolia tree at East Side Elementary in observance of Arbor Day.  (Arbor Day in Mississippi is the second Friday in February.)

I remember it like it was yesterday down to what I was wearing which was jeans with a skirt on top.  (My mother didn’t believe that women should wear

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Reunion turns into old fashioned sing along

watsons concert, Girls Xmas 010

Watson Family members Hubert (left) and James (second from right) are pictured following their concert last night. They are joined by fans Jack Vaughan and Judy Murphy Staggers.______________________

This has been a great week for gathering with old friends and listening to some good ole gospel music that would have made Elvis turn green with envy.

Our gang (which is growing with each year) visited an old haunt last night. We traveled down a dark and winding road to the Grigg’s camp house at Walker’s Lake. Only folks from The Point will know about Walkers Lake – the place we used to go to “watch the submarine races” if you get my drift.

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