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As I sit here typing on my laptop, Lucky Dawg is nestled beside me and Rebel is perched on the arm of my chair.  I am hard at work finishing up my assignments for the June issue of “Town & Gown” magazine and they’re both breathing on me.

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Listening out of one ear, I just heard CBS report that taking a pet to work increases productivity morale.

I figured that out long ago.  It’s almost like they are here beside me to cheer me on and say “Go ole girl. You can meet that deadline with time to spare.”

They always grow very quiet when I’m working.  They have no idea what a computer is – probably think it’s a musical instrument or something, and I’m entertaining them by clicking away.

Having a dog — or any pet — around has a soothing and mood-lifting effect on people.  When people are happy and calm, they are more productive. Allowing people the opportunity to meet and interact with their co-workers’ pets increases the bond and camaraderie between co-workers, leading to a cohesive team atmosphere. 

If you’re not a pet lover, please give one a chance.  The animal shelter is overflowing with potential pets who will enrich your life and offer unconditional love. If I had more space I would take in five or six more.   

2 thoughts on “Take your dog to work

  1. The only problem with Pet’s is the attention they require …DAILY…When you are retired it is hard to travel when you have a pet that needs to have
    daily care.

    Other than that, I love our CAT…

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