Tales from a spinach freak

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Determined not to return to the grocery store until I use up stuff that’s not paying rent to live at my house, I plundered through the freezer today.

I had six bags of frozen spinach , a bag of flash frozen chicken breasts,  and some other stuff I couldn’t identify. A long time lover of spinach, I decided to improvise, or I could set the spinach  outside and watch the raccoons run for the hills.  I decided to cook it up.


I love spinach salad with chunks of grilled chicken so why not soup them up.  Yes, I made spinach soup today and it was lovely. I doctored it with bits of this and that which were on their last breath. Having a Paula Deen moment, I added the rest of a stick of buttah.

I boiled the chicken breasts with fresh bay leaves off  my tree, a few dying celery stalks and some onion.  To the broth I added two of the bags of spinach and sautéed a half red bell pepper,  some more onion and lots of garlic. I had three mushrooms which had seen better days so I tossed them in too. It was  looking like a spinach salad soup.  Not very pretty.

I combined it all with shredded chicken and a tad of tomato paste that looked iffy and bits of cheeses – a tag of Parm, lots of  Pepper Jack and the heel of Mississippi State cheddar  block Marc gave me for Christmas.  I discovered I had a quarter of a brickk of cream cheese and a few dabs of sour cream destined for the land fill.   In they went.

The “soup” was looking better. I felt like a kid playing “mudpies.”  I figured it wouldn’t be edible but you know what?  It all came together and was really good and didn’t cost me a cent. If I don’t die by nightfall, I will take some over to my neighbor Brenda.

So I’m day three without going to the grocery store – a record for me. Tomorrow I’m going to use up a head of cabbage which should be on a resuscitator.  Ideas, anyone?

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