Teaching the old dawg new tricks

nashville = Will's bday 022 My children are determined to keep me on the cutting edge of sophistication even though I’ve been part of the over 35 crowd for a few years now.  It’s a difficult job, but they are determined to keep me out of my comfort zone!

On my run-away escapade to Nashville, William mapped a plan to bring my Epicurean appreciation up to snuff.  Frankly, it was harder for me than navigating the information highway which my older son Braddock is trying his darndest to inject into my daily activities.

Thought you might like to hear how the other half lives.  If you are already a member of “The Other Half” my hat’s off to you.  I hope you have the income to afford it.

Here’s what we did on Thursday:

nashville = Will's bday 023 We began the day at a new Nashville restaurant called Urban Flats (located in a hot new area called “The Gulch.”) Apparently you pay big bucks to do the cooking yourself.  We had the stone-fired steaks which were delicious even if we had to cook them on a hot rock.  That’s correct – they brought out cold raw meat and we dunked it in olive oil and plopped it on a piece of smoldering rock.

nashville = Will's bday 032It was served with Lobster Mac and Cheese which was to die for and worth a return trip.

We left there and headed for another trendy, revitalized area and had something called “bubble tea.” (See Bubble Tea Bar at left)

Move over Starbucks, this new beverage which you actually EAT, is all the rage among the yuppie crowd.  It’s hard to explain to the unitiated, but in a nutshell it features your choice of tea (black, brown, or green) infused with the flavor of your choice  (mine was peanut butter and chocolate)  and tapioca pearls which blow up into sponge-like taste sensations.

The concoction is sipped through a monster straw and let me tell you, I almost choked when that first pearl went down my wind pipe.  (Who dreams up this stuff?)  I just couldn’t get past chewing on my tea.

After a few hours spent walking the aisles at Whole Foods Market, we launched the evening dining experience.  We began at a new French restaurant called Miel which I learned means honey in both French and Spanish.

nashville = Will's bday 039 William ordered escargot, frog legs and fois gras, while I slurped a very nice, yet common tomato soup.  I did enjoy the “Amuse Bouche” which they served as a complimentary first course.  It consisted of a small dish (the size of a half dollar) filled with chow chow (made from locally produced vegetables) topped with creme fraiche.  William informed me that “amuse bouche – (pronounced amoos boosh) is de rigueur at the finer restaurants.

We also received a complimentary Bonne Bouche at the conclusion of the meal which was a medicine dropper of locally produced honey served on a demi-tasse spoon and a small gift wrapped box containing two chocolate truffles.  I figure that medicine dropper of honey cost me approximately $36 and the truffle at least $24.

From there we visited South Street – a local college hang-out where William had a dozen raw oysters and I ordered some fried dill pickles.  “Raw” anything  is against my religion.

The final adventure was a visit to Virago – a very upscale sushi bar. I actually tasted  several of the dishes William ordered and they were nashville = Will's bday 054quite good.  He didn’t tell me until the next day I was eating eel.  I ran to the bathroom and stuck my finger down my throat though the eel had long been metabolized.

The restaurant brought him a wonderful birthday cake they called Chocolate Between the Sheets.  Oh my heavens, I will voluntarily eat eel again to get more of this.  It was layers of puff pastry and a fudge filling all wrapped up the served with a candle. See below. He was mortified that I allowed the entire restaurant to know it was his birthday.

nashville = Will's bday 057 I came home educated regarding the most radical points of fine dining, and gained six pounds.

I can’t run away from home again until I pay off my credit card – which funded the dining – and lose at least 12 pounds – knowing I’ll regain half during the next trip.

Perhaps another time I’ll tell you about the shopping and the LCDCB80E (or something like that) television I bought at Costco.  Got it home and there’s no way it’s gonna fit in the space where the tv must live!

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