The Deluded Diva

Team WPHS competes inTour de Tibbee

me ane marie

Marie and I participated in theTour de Tibbee this weekend.  What a thrill.  Five other classmates from West Point High School participated in other events.

Not unlike the Tour de France, the race was grueling and seemed to last 2100 miles.  In fact, it was slightly shorter – like 2099 miles..

In the final moments there were only two riders left pedaling – Marie and me.  She beat me by a hair when my shoe lace got caught in the spokes and I flipped.

I’m pretty sure biking is not my sport.

Other activities in the triathlon were seesawing and the contest to see who would be first to fall out of the boat.  Norma came close to winning that event. It was perilous since we were fishing in the alligator infested everglades of rural Mississippi. 

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