The Deluded Diva

Ten days to Christmas – Leon are you there?


Norma reminded me Saturday of a newspaper column I did several years ago on my friend Kate. She had these decorative children’s blocks with which she spelled out NOEL each year and placed them on her mantle.

One day she left home while her housekeeper was busy dusting the mantle. When she returned, the Christmas message read “LEON.” On Saturday, we sang “lee e on, lee e on, the angels did say…..” Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night giggling about that.

I must tell you that Kate’s housekeeper is also the one who calls the crock pot, the crotch pot. “Let’s cook something in the crotch pot today,” she will say. We’ve all adopted her pronunciation and now I’m afraid I will let it slip in the wrong circles.

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