Term "Yard Art" reaches new level


I love a gardener who dares to be different.  Now, I’m not sure my friend Gerald McKibben is much of a gardener, but he’s got the art part down, well, to an art.


Anyone who happens to drive by his Hickory Drive home just outside Starkville, Mississippi, will certainly do a double take. Mammoth dinosaurs from prehistoric times, giant ants, and colorful toad stools dot his yard.

mushroom and fly

Inside his shop are museum quality pieces in various stages of completion.  We’re not sure what motivates this retiree from the U. S. Department of Agriculture who is also an aviator. But he says he is never bored.

He is also a writer who has his essays – mostly about food – published near and far.

One thought on “Term "Yard Art" reaches new level

  1. Emily,
    Nice layout of the critters I have in front of my house. By the way, they don’t have to eat, and never have to see the Vet!


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