Thanksgiving is in order to readers of the Deluded Diva.

thanksgiving, that nebulous entity that monitors traffic on blogs and websites informed us today that deluded has reached the magic number of 30,000 hits (about 4,000 a month) since its inception last spring. And from four continents. (Is Australia a continent? I can’t remember. If so, that makes five.)

We now qualify for some big bucks – maybe as much as $35 a month. That will cover my coffee habit if I continue to buy it at Fred’s.

All this tells me two things. Either there are lots of folks out there who don’t have stimulating reading material in their homes, or somewhere along the way, the deluded diva and her quirky insane newsletter found a quirky, insane audience. I’m thinking the latter.

Or, more plausible yet, do I have five good friends who just click Deluded Diva about 400 times a day to make sure I haven’t defamed them in some way? I bet that’s it!

I notice that “Jogging in a Jug” has received the all time greatest number of hits – about 500 – followed by the exposed crock pot breasts story. I bet all the late night porno freaks ran those numbers up.

Well, whatever. Thanks for logging on when you have the time. My only wish is for more feedback. Sometimes I wonder if anyone’s out there. The Blogasphere is a lonely place when no one responds with a good argument or a better tip. But I’m a lurker too on some of my favorite sites. It’s just too much trouble to join up and come up with another password.

Now that the diva has reached a milestone, she is taking a vacation. If she survives Thanksgiving and her “all new never tried before Thanksgiving menu” – she’s getting out of Dodge for a few days. But she’s taking her laptop to just in case she happens upon a riveting story.

Anyhoo, thank you much for logging on from time to time. I hope your Thanksgiving day is perfectly wonderful, but if you have a minor disaster, please let me be the first to know.  We can have a contest for the all time worst blunder!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is in order to readers of the Deluded Diva.

  1. Hey, girl, I can’t start my day without logging onto your site. I get a lot of necessary information, and some not so necessary. Love the pics. YOu gals look great!!!
    Thanks for being here for us. For all us expatriats (sp) from Mississippi, I thank you. A real touch of “home”.

  2. Yes, we’re out here and you are part of my morning routine. Maybe I should have told you before, but I truly enjoyed your column in the SDN and check your blog every day. Keep it up, Mrs. Jones. You do have fans, even if they’re not very communicative.

    Have a good vacation.

  3. Congratulations on capturing 4000 hits per month! You have spoiled
    some of us – telling tales and showing creative stories. And as you said,
    some of us are insane, but always looking for a good laugh!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. David Evers

  4. WOW, Emily—-I didn’t know I had hooked onto something so big! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

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