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45th reunion - class of 65 007

The 45th reunion  of the West Point High School Class of 65 has come and gone, and no doubt our readers are pretty sick of hearing about it.  This is the last word, I promise. Many new memories were made including the return of Tinker Lautar’s original guitar. He sold it back in the 60s and regretted it.  After 40 years, Jimmy Henley was able to reclaim it and return it to its rightful owner at the reunion last light.

Tinker and our high school dance band included Bob and Susie Marshall, Eugene Bailey, Gary Florreich, and Scott Murrah  providing the music for the reunion. They were great!

We almost made history when Bucky Kellogg attempted to reconcile a four decade feud with Gertrude Jasper.  Ooops, Gert wasn’t ready.  Maybe next time.

I love this photo of Carolyn and Benny Bentley (below) who were married shortly after we graduated from high school. The marriage didn’t last but their friendship did, and they came to the reunion together even though both have moved on.  They even take vacations together with their new families.  Maybe the rest of the world should take some lessons from the Bentleys.  They are still a cute couple.

45th reunion - class of 65 034 We were thrilled that Donna and George Abbott of Memphis and Ronnie Herring of Durango, Colorado,  attended (above) along with Larry and Brenda Moore(below).  Is that whiskey on the table?– Nah, couldn’t be.  Not the Class of 65. 45th reunion - class of 65 035 45th reunion - class of 65 020 And best of all, my old friends and neighbors Martha McHaney, Phil Dickerson, Ronnie Tiffin, Eugene Caruthers and Nancy Felder made the event even though we weren’t sure they could.  The old woman in the middle is me – I broke my hip trying to do the Alligator toward the end of the reunion  and they are holding me up.  I’ll be in traction for only a few months.

Great time, guys.  Now we can begin planning the 50th. Many thanks to Ruthie Stafford Weathers, Norma Clark Atkins and Jimmy Henley for all the hard work.  Special thanks to the Torquays for the great music.  You guys are the best! Now, that’s all I have to say about that!

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  1. Well, Emily, I did not get tired of reading about your class reunion- it was fun and made me wish I had been a part of that group! In fact, I recognized several of the names from when I was a student at Mississippi State. I just heard about the class of 1964 at Provine High School in Jackson. This summer they celebrated their 46th reunion- they graduated in ’64-most of them turned 64 years old this year, and if you turn 64 around, you get 46! (Actually, I think they just forgot to celebrate their forty-fifth, and made up for it this year!) So, maybe you can have another reunion next year and tell us all about it!!

  2. Like that idea, Ann. We had so much fun, we will probably begin doing annual reunions. Only one problem, I danced the night away and can’t walk this morning.

  3. Em….We had a ball….and I am with you I can hardly move…we are finally home. But had a great time. Bobby said we sure a had lot of good looking girls in our class! What did he expect????? And as always thanks to all for including me – but that’s where I feel I belong. And as you said Ruthie, Norma, Jimmy & Lisa did a GREAT JOB!!!!!

    See you soon…..Do not forget to give Brenda the article……Love you Angel Girl!


  4. Linda, angel girl: Loved Bobby. You’ve been holding out on us and now I know why -keeping him away from Marie?

    Okay – Next reunion August 21. Don’t forget – lordy, we’re down to doing a reunion every three weeks. We’re sick and need help!

  5. Back home from the reunion after talking nonstop about everyone and all the memories from George’s West Point High School days–all the way to Collierville! Found your website and had so much fun seeing pictures and reading everything. You are funny and we are looking forward to the next reunion. Until then, I’ll be keeping in touch here.

  6. Donna- Being with you an George again was a high point of the reunion for me. I’ve always missed you two so much. Can’t wait until the next!

  7. Mack and I loved seeing everyone….
    Many thanks to Ruthie, Norma and Jimmy for all their hard work! It was a great time filled with special memories…Especially good seeing Ronnie and Gail (with her new husband!) from Colorado! Boyd and his wife from MN….and so good seeing George (he hasn’t changed a bit!) and Donna!

    Let’s do it again soon!

  8. Such a fantastic Reunion!!! It is amazing how each one seems to surpass the previous in terms of making us appreciate the greatest town and most wonderful time to have grown up. Thanks to the Torquays for a magnificent performance! A special thanks to Ruthie, Norma, Jimmie and Lisa for all their hard work so the “greatest class alive…class of ’65” could enjoy another glorious weekend. And, a very special thanks to our lovely and exceptional Emily for giving us a medium to communicate our thoughts! Enjoyed seeing everyone!!!

  9. Emily,
    Nancy Felder was in our class (Starkville) for a few years and I wondered what happened to her – she must have moved to West Point! I have enjoyed reading about your reunion. The older we get the more fun we have. By the way, all your exercise and dieting paid off – you look great!

  10. Nancy lives in New Orleans – in fact she was my neighbor when I lived there in the 80s, and she and her husband Bill were good friends.

  11. Emily, as always, you’ve captured the spirit of our weekend together. Rebecca is always amazed and appreciative of how close so many of us in our class have remained for all these years. And the posting of our departed classmates helps us keep their memories alive as well.

    I forgot to ask, but who put together the slide show? It was well done and I know took a lot of time and effort.

    Finally, I heard there were some comments about how loud the band was, but we had been told that most everyone is now hard of hearing so we were just trying to compensate! Gary

  12. I believe Ruthie did the show, Gary – she wanted it to be special surprise and no one knew she was doing it. She called me this a.m. looking for more snapshots to expand it for the 50th!! She’s a national treasure. I loved the poster too. Larry Moore did that. I wish I could figure out how to post it on the site because Red’s wife, Rose, is a regular reader. Rose, if you’re lurking around, please resend me your e-mail so I can forward this wonderful tribute to you .

  13. Emily,
    Thanks for the kind words. I was surprised when Jim handed me the guitar. It took a while to understand what was really happening at that moment. What a great friend,Jim was the first buddy I had growing up. Thanks for including
    The pic with you, Martha and Phil was really good. The old “Broad Street” gang.

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