Normal is just a setting on your dryer

bad girls

My friends don’t go crazy, we go normal from time to time,  but today was not one of those days.

Not since I was five have I had a more memorable birthday celebration than the wingding Marie Portera threw today for Judy Murphy Staggers and me upon our 60 something birthdays. Most of us are about to run out of years in this decade and the biggy is next year so we’re going to kick up our heels as long as we breathe.

my 69th birthday at Maries

As usual we were all talking at once and no one ever got to finish a story she began.  We just can’t stay focused long enough.  Someone interrupts and we’re off and running on a tangent that never ends. As is always the case when I get with this group, I fall in love with life all over again.

Funniest thing, Judy wanted to follow me over to Marie’s because she hadn’t been there before and I got lost and circled some neighborhood until I saw Ruthie, Marie and Norma running down to road to catch us.  I probably need to be institutionalized but not just yet.

Most of us over 60 find it difficult to believe we are losing our youth. But our minds are still spunky in a sputtering sort of way.   Pictured from left are  Marie Portera, Ruthie Stafford Weathers, Judy Murphy Staggers,  Norma Clark Atkins and Brenda Wiygul Chambless who is a new “Foreign” addition to our group.  (She is a Starkville native, the most detested town in the vocabulary of any self respecting West Point High Schooler.)

Turns out, Brenda should have been from West Point and she readily admits it.  She said she has never seen a group of people so “connected” at the hip.

Please understand the above picture is horrible of everyone.  We are way cuter than we appear but we were exhausted from toasting, eating and laughing.  My three favorite workout routines.

We have big plans for the coming year. Another Marathon perhaps which we did when we were 63 or maybe we’ll just sit on the porch and share our mutual memories which are not available from any other place on earth.

6 thoughts on “Normal is just a setting on your dryer

  1. Y’all are one of the coolest bunch of women on the planet. Makes me proud to be from y’all’s town!

  2. FUN! FUN! A wingding it was! Marie has been holding out on us for sure. You know we had fun when lunch is 11:30-3:00 and no one wants to leave. Don’t think we’ll be doing too much rocking on the front porch, we still have too much to do!

  3. Miss you all! Life is extremely busy here in Austin. Happy that Emily and Judy had such a great birthday celebration. I know Marie must be a fantastic hostess!

  4. O.K…..once again ya’ll had fun without me……you will have to do it again when I get there (whenever it may be)……I hope you and Judy had a fantastic birthday…love you all..

  5. We did have a fabulous time and I agree with Norma, we don’t have time to rock on the front porch. Carole and Linda, we’ll have a redo when you come to visit. Miss ya’ll!

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