The can man can

can man 089

What can the ‘can man’ do? 

He causes everyone who passes do a double take and come closer to take a second look.

The can man, is a great way to recycle your old vegetable cans and provide a unique bird house for your feathered friends this winter. 

The core is an institutional sized can.  Simply peel off the labels and spray the color of your choice.

The cans are screwed together to hold the shape, and the hat, of course, is a funnel.

Can men are actually the invention of a lady in Louisville, Ms. But I believe I can duplicate her creation.

To be fair, I’m making a Rebel (or should I call him a ‘black bear can man’) for my back garden.  Since I live one half mile from the MSU campus, I would be wise to place the maroon and white can man in the front.

I’ve been saving every can I open to create my ‘can men.’ 

5 thoughts on “The can man can

  1. We could name the one in your picture “Dan the Can Man” or “Can Man Dan” sell them and make our first million.I’m going to start saving my cans, great way to recycle,what you think?

  2. Thank you, thank you!!! Maybe I can use the tin man to try to explain to my grandchildren (the Colonel Reb vs black bear)…keep in mind that these grandchildren are children of ‘REBELS’! The grandkids ask, Why the change, and their parents (three Millis kids) rant, foam at the mouth, etc….so I will tell them that the Ole Miss Black Bear resides in Miss Emily’s garden….hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful….we’ll be watching the Rebels and Bulldog later today.
    love you

  3. I’ll be over to see how to make the Rebel! Your story made me think that you might get a kick out of my story from several years ago when I was sitting in this very spot, upstairs, for quite some time. Which is normal for me. 🙂 I went downstairs later, and the MSU BSU had decorated our entire front yard with MSU “stuff.” I’m sure it was June Scoggins’ idea; but, hey–they were making money for Student Summer Missions! After laughing out loud, I called Husband, and he told me to call June and tell her that we would pay any amount of money for the “cause” if they would come back and take it all up. Which they did, bless their hearts. Since 1967, I’ve been a “misplaced Rebel in Bulldawg country.” But, ONCE A REBEL, ALWAYS A REBEL!

  4. Hey – I didn’t know there was anyone else but me transplanted here except of course Dinah Jordan who is way braver than I about showing her “colors.” Maybe we should form a club.

  5. See! You have kindred spirits in the near vicinity. You should form a club. I would suggest meeting in secret at first. I have reconfirmed Colonel Rebel as my mascot and while I don’t wear my new t-shirt in public, it still represents my loyalties. Hope to see you during the Christmas season.

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