The death of cute


Someone told me at church this morning that I looked “cute.” 

Gawlee, I haven’t heard that word since my hair color was still “natural,” and certainly not to describe myself.  Interesting – maybe.  But cute?  That’s a term I reserve for puppy dogs and grandchildren.

When an older person calls a younger person “cute,” it is a compliment. When a younger person calls an older person “cute,” it’s just plain wrong. 


Cute makes me think of knee sox and hair ribbons, both of which I gave up when I got my drivers license.

Cute might have gotten us through our first few decades on the planet, but cute doesn’t age well. 

Having said all this,  it’s probably preferable to be described as cute than frumpy.  I’ll take it, but it wasn’t the look I was going for. 

2 thoughts on “The death of cute

  1. I was browsing the web for cute stuff.. and I came across your blog, and couldn’t but stop and smile at your post.

    I think you should take this as a compliment, we too young people thing that our elderly can be cute. Maybe not in a “cute bunny puppy” way, but in a “charming” way…

    I think that “cuteness” doesn’t really have an age.

    Plus you have to understand that the vocabulary of younger people is rather limited these days… even to me, most things, people, anything really that I like are cute..:)


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