The Deluded Diva

The disappearing dining room

amazing Thanksgi ving 026

As long as I can remember I’ve realized that my dining room was occupying way too much prime real estate in my home.  We use it maybe five times a year – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and my boy’s birthdays.


The rest of the year it is a hallway to somewhere else.  I’ve been dreaming of relocating that dining room and creating a new space for more than three or four people to enjoy.

Today, Braddock and Justin gave me my dream.  I’m so in love with this space – of course, they’re talking about putting a 65 inch flat-paneled television over my mantle.  (Over my dead body.)

Thanksgiving has never been quite so wonderful – probably because this is the first one in six years that my son, William, has been able to attend. He brought rabbit and crawfish tails, and we tried to act sophisticated.

Braddock, fried a turkey and it was delicious.


Always the inventor, Braddock developed a pulley using his  ladder and a rope to deep fry the best turkey we’ve ever had.

My priest, Father John, even developed a relationship with Rebel Dawg.  (Rebel is now giving the sign of the cross before he goes to bed.)

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