The evil nasty disgusting wallet thief


I am livid.  I want to kick an empty box or knife a pillow.  My friend got mugged in the most miserable, cowardly way possible and I want to go out and declare vigilantee law.

Here’s what happened to my wonderful sweet loving friend who would never hurt a soul and spends most of her days cooking food for her church members who have lost family members.


She was taking her niece to frolic at McDonalds then stroll through Walmart’’s toy section.

Some devil from the deep lifted her wallet and spent a couple of thousand of dollars on her credit cards. Before she could get it reported they had used her debit card to the tune of $1,800 at Belk plus another $500 on American Express.  Visa was hit for over $1000.Of course we have her picture  We know who she is.

She will be caught but she will probably get you or me before she does. 

12 thoughts on “The evil nasty disgusting wallet thief

  1. I have been missing your columns in The Starkville Daily News. Are you not writing for them anymore? Becky

  2. Been there. Pretty traumatic. Hope they catch this disgusting pitiful excuse for humanity, throw her under the jailhouse and throw away the key.

  3. Evidently the Debit card was run as a “credit” & they did NOT have to put in a pin number then. Maybe all debit cards should have to be run as a “debit” because of this very reason!

  4. If merchants would check photo ID’s when people charge stuff, this might not be such a big problem. Especially when it is a large amount at one time. We had this happen to us when my car was stolen and I had a debit card in it for our personal account. Total was $2250 or something. I asked bank if they charged it back to merchants, which I think that they can do under the agreement. They said no, they just eat it. Of course, this causes fees to go up at the bank. If the merchants were the ones eating the charges they might start checking ID’s. Of course, we swipe the card and it takes time to check an ID. After the incident above, I started putting “Photo ID Req’d” in the signature line on the card, but few clerks check the signature on the card or, as I said, we swipe it and the clerk never has it in their hand so they can look at it. There ought to be a law.

  5. By law, maximum liability for Credit cards is $50. Also by law, if you report debit card lost or missing within 2 days, liability is limited to $50. if debit card theft/loss is reported between 2 days and 2 months liability is capped at $500. Use a credit card as you would a debit card (pay balance monthly) and you don’t have to balance a check book or worry about loss or theft plus most Credit cards will offer points you can use to travel or purchase other goods. Debit cards are a poor plan overall.

  6. Becky = I’d begun to notice all my columns were about aging which must grow tiresome for younger readers so I decided to give up for a while -have a new book coming in October – “Aging Fearlessly”

  7. Damron, the worst of the whole scenario is her medicare card contains social security number – she was told could be seven years before getting sorted out.

  8. Al, wonder who could get that passed ? Know anyone with influence in the legislature…hmm,m – YOU!

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