The great funk escape


Yeah, right.  Like sour milk. Not that I’m in a funk – not at all.  In fact, I’m in a good space and have been for days since the weatherman promised cooler fallish temperatures this week.

They arrived this morning and I pulled on my walking shoes for the first time since 2013 and set out for a walk.  I even took my walking pole (to look like a purposeful walker). It was still dark so I didn’t bother to primp-up which also insured no bad guys would try to attack – they would likely run the opposite direction..


Oh my gosh!  Do I see the words show and “chilly” on the weather map? 


The truth is I am walking with a little limp since foot fsurgery in June.  Brenda, my delightful neighbor, calls me “Chester” which may float over the heads of anyone under the age of 55. But this morning the world moved past me so briskly that I felt I could have walked to Paris if I could swim (I never learned).

After the walk and my daily dozen which I’d rather not discuss, I can hear a definite adagio playing in my head. It’s message is to move slowly and purposefully through the remainder of the day because rushing around will get me know where fast.

I’d better get used to walking because in about four hours we will be experiencing a traffic jam which gives me a mental hemorrhage. Mississippi State fans will be pouring into our city by the thousands arriving in RVs which come early to get a good space in which to ”squat” for the weekend.

I’d better mosey on out to Kroger to stock up for the weekend.  The new addition is open and Brenda tells me they have purple and white cauliflower (for 69 cents if you can believe that) among many other items we’ve never heard of “in these parts”.  I can’t wait to visit. It will be like going to a food museum where I’ll be stumbling around in a daze uttering “gawlee”.


But first I have to plant my Johnny Jump Ups which I love so much but can never find.  I ordered an envelope of seeds and dream of them spilling over the sides of my old wheelbarrow. They remind me of a stadium full of smiling faces as we watch the Bulldawgs bulldoze LSU on Saturday.  Alas, the game doesn’t begin until 8:15 which means I’ll probably dose through the second half.

One thought on “The great funk escape

  1. You never learned to swim?? My Mama dragged me to swimming lessons for three consecutive years, think I almost made it across the width that third year. I certainly was disappointed when I visited and realized the pool no longer existed, it was beautiful. However, I can float in warm water till the cows come home.

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