The Deluded Diva

The grocer can mess with your mind


I’m livid.  Why in tarnation would a grocery store rearrange without consulting us.

I just ran over to Jiggly Wiggly the way I do about six times a week to pick up a few things.  I only needed Tabasco, Pam spray and peanut butter-all staples in my diet. But guess what.  None were where they were supposed to be, and not a single employee knew where they went!

People were wandering around in a daze. It was like a nation of aliens snuck in under the cloak of darkness and moved your cheese.

Why would a grocery store do such a dastardly thing?

I can usually buzz over to the Jiggly during a commercial break of my favorite TV show, pick up what I need, and be back home before the ad has ended. 

Not today.  I was so angry, I left the store and went to Kroger which is much farther away.  I would protest publically, except that I like the Jiggly employees so much.  They don’t like it either.

I suspect someone has bought out Jiggly and have on good authority that the name may be changing.  I’m thinking “buy-out” which may be okay if they keep my friends.

Thankfully, Kroger doesn’t mess with our lives so callously.

My question is, why in the world would a store do such a thing?  I figure they think I will buy more if I’m forced to travel down aisles I’ve never visited – like the baby products section.  What need do I have of baby wipes which are next to the Pam. 

I guess they both contain oil.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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