The junction continues to malfunction


There once was a place in my community we lovingly referred to as “Malfunction Junction.”

It was a sort of five-way stop – right next to the football stadium at Mississippi State University – where no motorist should ever go. People would politely stop and start, and sometimes just shut their eyes and pray they could get through the intersection in one piece.

Thankfully, the university shut it down several years ago, and replaced it with a beautiful green space for tailgaters – featuring lush flower beds and wonderful shady places to rest and rejuvenate.

I believe the bad karma from that intersection just drifted three blocks west and settled on the corner of Green and Montgomery Streets– where I live.

Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for almost three months now. I won’t bore you with details, but it has to do with my microwave, hair dryer, hot water heater, garbage disposal, and roof. All have malfunctioned to a very expensive tune.

My truck is sounding like a concrete drill when I put it in reverse. I will just go forward until I can get it to the dealer.

Last week my satellite dish went kerfloowey and I was without television for four days. I learned to find other outlets and I was probably a better person for it. But the kicker came on Saturday then the modem to my computer decided it was time to check out – permanently.

And just this weekend, my step mother had emergency surgery so my folks are here at Oktibbeha County Hospital. 

I wonder what is next. Please not the air conditioner! Anything but that!

Before I worked myself into a stroke, I remembered something I’d heard or read: It’s not the big tragedies in life that will kill us, it’s the little everyday glitches that will take us down.

Then, I heard about a small community of less than 1,800 residents where not one person has a problem in the world; anxieties are nonexistent and all is peaceful and serene every single day.

“Oh, gee. I want to live there,” I dreamed. “Wouldn’t that be wonderful!”

Maybe not. The community is Odd Fellows Cemetery and you can’t even get in if you don’t have a family connection.

I just checked my pulse and it’s still pumping.  Thankfully, I don’t qualify for that community just yet.  But doesn’t that truth put all life’s little glitches into perspective?


4 thoughts on “The junction continues to malfunction

  1. Emily;
    I Rember that intersection @ MSU well, and if that can be fixed, Green St. and Montgomery will be easy, remember what don’t kill you only makes you stronger………………

  2. Emily:
    Your comment about Oddfellows “You can’t even get in if you don’t have a family connection.” We need to talk!
    Edythe McArthur spent the last 18 years of her life reviving that grand cemetery. I’ve since picked up the reigns, along with the Starkville Cemetery Association, and we have approximately 100 plots still available for sale. Just contact me, Bill Green, at City Hall.
    The Assn is open to all families that own plots in Oddfellows and encourages your input and assistance making this a true memorial to a great city!
    Bill Green

  3. Thanks Bill. I’m thinking I may need it next week! I remember that Edythe did so much work with the cemetery. I was thinking Odd Fellows was full. I walk there sometimes and stop and chat with old friends who have passed on. Thanks for your note!

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