The legacy we leave behind (is that redundant?)

my past 001

The girls of Tri Delta – frozen in time – after winning the Derby Day trophy for eight years in a row.

I don’t know what got me thinking morbid thoughts today…probably my brain has been frozen since I have no heat. But I began thinking what people would find out if my demise came today. I began to clean out some stuff and contemplate about the things that I keep and what it says about me.

There’s that size 5 cocktail dress and strappy stilletos that linger in my closet. Maybe they will think I was slender and fashionable. I actually wore those items somewhere in my distant past and I keep them as a reminder – along with my cheerleader sweater – a glaring Kelly green which made me look anemic.

There’s the entire volume of daily journals where I record my deluded thoughts. I do hope my friend, Putt, will come and destroy them as she promised. I would hate for anyone to read about my upteenth diet and exercise routine which were summarily dismissed after three days.

The real horror will come when they look under the beds. There’s my wedding dress which I’ve worn twice. Once, on my wedding day, and again to a Halloween party in 1999. I went as the bride of Frankenstein and my friend, Jack, was my groom. We spent hours creating huge gaping incisions on his face. We won a prize for our charade. Now how can I get rid of that dress that brought such pleasure – at the Halloween party, not the wedding.

There’s a whole depository of Southern Livings with which I cannot seem to part – though I’m thinking seriously of burning them for heat.

There’s my grandmother’s cookbooks which I take out each morning and remember her as I read her recipes and pray I got some of her genes. She lived to the ripe old age of 97 and was beautiful to the end. I attribute that to our Indian heritage which blessed us with great cheek bones. Her grandmother was a full-blooded Choctaw Indian. I remember as a child I would cheer for the Indians when we went to the movies.

There are upteen photos from my college years. If you examine the photo above, you will note I was the one on the right, wearing a jumper with horizontal stripes. What was I thinking? And why am I still wearing the same hairdo?

It’s time to retool. I’m making my wedding dress into a lampshade. My daddy paid good money for that dress, and I’m determined that he get his money’s worth.


8 thoughts on “The legacy we leave behind (is that redundant?)

  1. Hi Emily,

    Enjoying the nostalgia! Would you believe that my school colors were kelly green and white. I still have my three ounce racing tank swim suit which is small green and white striped. It’s pretty small held up to my new black Speedo, but they both don’t hold ya back Sure wish I could still get in that old green and white tank! I was 36-26-36 in those days with a no body fat. Ahhh, those were the days! That’s what competitive swimming does for a body. Wish I had that one back!

    I was just thinking of going through some of our things that Mother will no longer miss in her present condition. I doubt there’s anything left at her house from my high school days. Think all that was thrown out when they moved over near me. May find a few interesting pictures, however. Might bring back things I’ve long forgotten. Have wonderful memories, however.
    Don’t have to dust those, that’s the good part!


  2. My, my how things do change! Can you believe a size 5? The sad part is
    we thought things would never change, boy did we find out this wasn’t the
    case. Speaking of a size 5, do you have handy your recipe for the crock
    pot candy? I cannot my copy, I’m going to simplify and organize in 2009! I thought this would be good for the holidays. Thanks and see you on Saturday.

  3. I’ll have to look it up. Did you get that from Deluded Diva – or the newspaper? I know someone who has it because she told me the other day she made it for Thanksgiving. Will hunt it down.

  4. Just catching up and saw that Norma needs crockpot candy recipe — I got my recipe from Linda Aultman and will be glad to send if you still need it. Let me know — Ruthie

  5. Yes – Ruthie please send or bring tonite when you come over. By the way – did you notice that comment from another someone named RuthAnn Stafford – responding to the Red Neck Woman game –

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