The miracle of life continues

birds born 002

I can see myself in ten years – rocking on my back porch, dribbling into a cup while bird watching.  Funny how they know just what to do without manuals or internet.

The blessed event occurred in the night.  Last week I posted a photo of two little eggs in a nest on my back porch. This morning I noticed the absence of the mother red bird.  I sneaked a peak and low and behold there were two baby birds. Mother and Father were scrambling around, gathering groceries I presume.

I’ve built them their own place and wondering if I paint it red, will they move in?  Actually, my friend, Judy, gave me the birdhouse for my birthday.  Can’t wait to get it up.  It has a little bench, a shovel and extra logs on the front porch.  A professor at MUW built it.

bird house

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