The moon is smiling – go check it out!

smiling moon

You must walk outside and look.  NOW! Don’t delay or you might miss it.

It is 7:45 p.m. in Starkville, Mississippi and the moon is smiling on us.  That must mean something profoundly good.

Lucky Dawg, Rebel and I just walked down to the park, and spotted something I don’t recall ever seeing before in my lifetime .. . A smiley face is up there looking down on us – minus one eye – winking, I guess.

Maybe the old moon has turned upside down to remind us that despite economic problems, wars, etc..there’re always a million reasons to smile.  Don’t miss this free show.

Have you noticed this is my second “moon” message today.  It must be a “sign.”   I’m very superstitious. I think we miss so many messages from God.  I’m taking this one and running with it.  I suggest you do the same.


Oh, too late. It is now 8:30 p.m. Mr. Smiley Moon just dropped below the horizon…or the little house next door.   I’ve never realized how fast we are spinning through the universe until now.  Awesome.  I want a do-over on my 7th grade science project!

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