The next to the last concert

Torquays in the park 005

The Torquays have found new life.  We just won’t let them quit. If you haven’t heard them sing “Stand by Me” you’ve missed a beautiful experience.   Miss Nell would be so proud. Remember her, guys?

The high school dance band that provided the sound track for our high school years reorganized for our 40th class reunion in 2005.  They were so great we just keep calling them into action. Suddenly every class wanted them to perform.

Hey these guys are getting worn out.  They perform for free and it’s not easy to haul around all that equipment.

Torquays in the park 006

Today, the Torquays  performed in the Sally Kate Winters Park in the Point to an adoring audience.  Their performance was the best yet and they’re attracting an impressive following.

Above from left Barbara Murrah, Gary and Rebecca Florreich, Ruthie Weathers, Linda Hazlewood, Tinker Lautar and Scotty Murrah were among band members.Ruthie and Hazle are “groupies.”.

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Bob and Susie Marshall are members of the Torquays (Bob on guitar and saxophone, Susie on keyboard) and Linda Hazlewood and Marie are among the “groupies.”   Ironically, Susie was my college roommate at Ole Miss and I roomed with Hazle at the “W”.

I introduced Susie and Bob and she’s never forgiven me. Hazle moved all the way to Wyoming to get away from me, but she’s back in  Mississippi now.  The gang is slowly coming back together as we reach the middle ages (yeah if we live to be 120).

Torquays in the park 009

Eugene Bailey at right explains to Hazle how the Torquays came together in the 60s and reunited after the turn of the century!  Stay tuned for the movie. An epic.

10 thoughts on “The next to the last concert

  1. Martha McHaney-Buford told me about the group and how much she enjoyed their music at the class reunion. Hope they keep it up.

  2. “Hey these guys are getting worn out. They perform for free and it’s not easy to haul around all that equipment.”

    Amen, Sister, especially the worn out part!

    Glad you “groupies” could make it there in all that heat. Gary

  3. Enjoyed playing in the park, you’re correct, the equipment is getting a bit cumbersome, but it makes us sound better(or maybe louder)
    The night before with the class of “66” was super
    Bob&Susie are the central part of this band,
    Not only as musicians but also as hosts. They always have a bed for us to use and feed us during those 1 night practices in their garage.
    This is more fun than it was in the 60’s
    Thanks for your notes and support, your the greatest!!

  4. Hey Emily: Thanks for the coverage. The band always appreciates our friends coming out to support us. I’m puzzled about one thing though, because Susie thanks me every day for the priviledge of living with me !! Ha ha.

    Will play next in Vicksburg on June 25. Thanks again for everything.


  5. As a member of the Class of ’66, let me say Thanks for another great memory with the Torquays!! I personally think you are better now…

  6. It’s more fun to listen to and dance to you now than in the 60’s. Richard and I look forward to each appearance. You are getting better with age. Don’t ever quit entertaining us!

  7. Bob, I know…she is a lucky girl. And while I’m fessing up…I didnt actually introduce ya’ll. If I recall I brought her home one Christmas while you were dating my first Ole Miss room-mate. We all hung out together and the next thing I knew, you broke up with your girl friend and started dating Susie. The rest is history.

  8. Emily: actually you did introduce us when Susie came home with you one weekend. Just for the record, I wasn’t dating anyone in particular at the time. That was earlier. Maybe we had better talk on the phone to get both of our stories straight !! ha ha.


  9. The Torquays were fantastic. Better than ever. Thanks–you helped make this a memorable reunion!
    And really impressive in your stamina. That many ‘old guys’ and not one break for over two hours!

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