The shrinking of America


If anyone deserves the “naughty award” this Christmas, it’s the food packers who are responsible for any culinary failures on my holiday table!

Has anyone else experienced the confusion surrounding old families recipes based on the size of cans and mixes since the 1930s when convenience packaging first appeared on the general store shelves.  My recipe for Norma’s Blueberry/Pineapple Cobbler is a good example of the corporate plot to destroy our beloved traditions.

ice cream

The recipe calls for one box of yellow cake mix, one can of blueberry pie filling, one large can of slivered pineapple, a stick of butter and cup of nuts.  The beauty of this scrumptious cobbler is that it takes one pan and the dexterity to open a can.

Well, listen up those of you responsible for the cooking.  Cake mixes have been shrunk and the blueberry pie filling has gained weight.  To make the recipe work, I will have to figure out how to adjust the ingredients.  My math is not that good.

I’m pretty furious about this and I called the corporate office of Pillsbury.  They put me on hold and I had to listen to elevator music until I went into a coma.  I’m sure there are people all over American suffering from this slight of hand.  Not only has the cost of the cans and mixes increased, we are getting less to boot.  (Well, all except the blueberries.) Anybody know what to do with a half cup of blueberry pie filling.  I fed it to Rebel and he’s been throwing up since nine a.m. Being the daughter of depression era parents, I was taught that it was a sin to throw food away.

Just recently, Kimberly-Clark announced that Kleenex would have 13 percent fewer sheets, but would make their tissues 15 percent “bulkier” by adding more fiber. What kind of society has healthier tissues than human beings who incorporate way too little fiber in their diets.

Next I guess our sticks of butter will be reduced in size which will destroy the remainder of the recipes in my file box.  The only thing we can depend on is the size of a nut, and thank goodness corporate America had nothing to do with that.

6 thoughts on “The shrinking of America

  1. You mean bigger candy bars, right! We saw a Reese’s that was at least five inches in diameter and a footlong Snicker Bar. And while I’m ranting – have you noticed all the grocery specials feature beer, chips and and cereals. ..maybe a sack of potatoes…. For you locals, my farmer guy had cauliflower, broccoli along with greens yesterday. So fresh the don’t even taste like what I buy at Kroger which is probably three weeks old by the time it gets to my table,

  2. A few weeks ago on a national network there was a story about Oreos being as addictive as crack. Hmmmmmm, I had noticed I couldn’t eat one. I thought I alone was weak. Not just me, a food additive makes them irresistible to lots of people. These additives are not legal in European countries, but thanks to the FDA, bring it on.

    There used to be an ad for an eating disorder program that said, “Overweight, it is not your fault.” Being a proponent of personal responsibility, I thought, sure! But maybe it isn’t all our fault. What do you think?

    It is illegal to use sublinal suggestions to make us want something or do something, but what about ingesting something that has the same effect?
    I have thought about it a lot. I haven’t bought or eaten an Oreo since.

  3. Just the regular Hershey candy bar is smaller and costs the same or more. The Reese’s cups are three for a dollar. A dollar seems to be the point where we don’t think too much about the purchase. The word that comes to mind is mindless, mindlessly buying, eating, etc.

    It is hard to be a mindless vegetarian, you clean the food, prepare the food, savor the food. It is a difference experience. Are you finding that?

    We had a vegetable dinner the other night. It was so satisfying. Rutabagas, large Lima beans, creamed corn, baked yams, cornbread and vine ripened tomatoes. Delish!

  4. A friend of ours called today to ask me about a post to your blog. She said “do you not post to DD as Norma 2?” So for clarification to your readers, I post as Norma Atkins. Sorry for the confusion!

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