The sweetest thang


Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m all about taking short cuts and getting the biggest bang out of the littlest buck.

I discovered a recipe yesterday while watching my dawgs beat Tennessee at the ball park.  It is pure genius and I want to share with you how to wow your guests with little more effort than opening a couple of cans of pineapple chunks.

more pineapple

All you do is drain a few cans of pineapple. My new friend did four cans then doused them with coconut rum – enough to cover.  Viola.  A very refreshing and delicious side dish for pork or chicken.  It was wonderful and you had no clue how a pineapple got that wonderful flavor…well, until you begin feeling weak in the knees.

Incidentally, the Dawgs went 14 innings before putting away the game. Unfortunately no one got to see it, because we had all left for the stadium to watch the spring game.  We won that too! I’m counting the days until football season returns.  And Dan Mullen is still  “The Man.”

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