The torture of Sisyphus

Girls can do anything!

Do you remember Sisyphus?  He is a sad character from Greek Mythology who offended Zeus and was sentenced to roll a huge stone to the top of a hill.  When he got to the top, the stone would slide back down again and old Sisy would have to begin the struggle anew.

I feel like Sisyphus today.  It’s criminal how I’ve neglected my home since spring

Sisyphus appeared and gave me a chance to devote my energies to the garden.  It caught up with me this morning as I surveyed the sad state of my living room which hasn’t been dusted since St. Pat’s Day. I can’t sit on the sofa because it’s covered with magazines, grocery ads and puppy hair.

What’s the point of cleaning it up?  It’ll just need it again in a few days.  But clean I must, though I feel overwhelmed by the task.  As I often do, I sought inspiration in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s little gem of a book titled “Simple Abundance.”  Wouldn’t you know that today’s message is on getting your house in order!

Sarah urges us to borrow a page from the uncluttered, serene lives of the Amish and the Shakers.

“Order shaped every part and nurtured every nuance of Shaker life…they believed that their daily work including housekeeping was a personal expression of worship.  When we clean and order our homes, we are somehow also cleaning and ordering ourselves,” she observes.

“Creating a comfortable,  beautiful, well-run home can be our most satisfying accomplishment as well as an illuminating spiritual experience,” she concludes.

Okay.  So here I go – rolling that rock back up the hill while running the vacuum cleaner and clearing the clutter.  I plan to finish by noon so I can spend the rest of the day engaged in my favorite activity –  the subtle art of puttering.

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  1. This is my artwork. Please remove it from your site. It is my imprint artwork for my press, Sisyphus Press.
    Phil Cousineau

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