The value of antiques



Today was a momentus day. My girls reached a milestones birthday,, led as always by Norma (lower right). From left Marie Portera, Judy Staggers, Mary Jo Hill, and Ruthie Weathers helped usher her into our new fairy land. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

It wasn’t one of those birthdays with a zero,but just barely not. Today we were still struttin’ a bit and whiffing a little celebratory wine.This made us think we were especially cute since none of us could see very well and we only had two pair of glasses between us.


Gosh, getting to be an antique can be great if you a stay close to the ones who brought you to the dance …the very same people you have known since Eisenhower.   Actually I think it was Truman in the White House when we arrived on the planet.   Happy Birthday Norma. You are the best!

6 thoughts on “The value of antiques

  1. I don’t celebrate birthdays anymore. It’s more fun to celebrate anniversaries! I just celebrated the 21st Anniversary of my 50th Birthday.

  2. A great celebration with special friends! Emily, you were over the top this time, perfection! I’m wondering if Alexa cooks and cleans too. Marie, your dessert was not only delicious, it was beautifully decorated!!
    We’re not going to fret over this aging thing, it’s another reason for a celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday Norma!! I hope it was your best ever!! I pray that you weren’t in the path of the tornadoes and everyone is safe without property damage!!

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