The way we were

xmas caroling

An old friend just sent a photo of the “Highland Park Kids” – the members of our gang who grew up in a subdivision called Highland Park.  We think they were out caroling in the neighborhood somewhere around 1958.  I can pick out a few – including Tinker Lautar, Brenda Buck and Mary Carr and Betsy McGlown..


“I’m sure we were singing the first verse of ‘Silent Night’ which was the only carol we knew by heart,” said Tinker.  He thought that was me, first kid on the left, standing in front of him but I told him I wouldn’t have been caught dead in that outfit and I didn’t qualify for the upscale Highland Park gang.. I was across the tracks caroling with the Broad Street subgang.  I’d love to identify some of the others in the photo if any of you West Pointers recognize anyone else. 

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thad Buck in middle up front, Robert McGlohn to his right, Donna Powell to Robert’s right, Nancy Millard right behind Thad, and Sue McGlohn to Nancy’s left.

    Before you congratulate me on my wonderful memory, this pic is floating around Facebook, so I cheated!!

    Linda Taylor, Johnny Gilliland, one of the Strouds were some of the other mentions.

  2. I love this photo of my old neighborhood friends. I wonder where Dunlap and I were that night?

  3. I think it’s George Stroud, David Clark. Is that Frank Bailey next to Tinker? May be Bobby Rummel next to David.??

  4. Emily, Amy Rummell Grubaugh, Bobby’s sister posted this picture on Facebook. Someone knew the names of everyone. Olivia, I wondered why you and Dunlap weren’t in the group, I’m guessing your mom kept you home because you had been naughty. What do you think Emily?

  5. Oh My! I am just now seeing this entry and missed the opportunity for a timely contribution; however, I don’t want anyone to be left out. That is Ray Millard on the back row next to David. I think the partial head on the other side was Bobby Rummel. The girl in the interesting outfit in front of Tinker is Bobby’s sister, Amy. I am fairly sure that that is Skippy Taylor between Tinker and George because Linda is there and we tended to “collect” family groups as we traveled around the neighborhood! Carolyn Pettit is between Linda and Brenda. Of course that is a very young Janis Buck standing next to Thad and a warmly dressed and happily singing Richard Mullins on the other side! I can’t remember which parent took the picture, but what a treat now to see those young and happy faces again!

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