They may not be pretty, but who cares!

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I’m walking on air – literally.

While in Shreveport on Saturday, I decided to try on a pair of Skechers Shape-ups!

I walked around the store while my friend Diane looked on with some skepticism.  But I was sold.

Okay so they’re not Manola Blahniks, but they promise to promote weight loss, tone muscles and improve posture.


We shall see. At this stage of my life, I figure I need all the help I can get.

Dillard’s didn’t have my size but they placed an order and said I should have them within a week.  They came today (after only three days) and were accompanied by a CD to describe what all they will do for me.

I never thought I’d purchase a pair of shoes that required instructions for walking in them.

They even come with a diet book.  Oh gee, that’s probably responsible for the $107 price tag.  Diet book – $75; CD – 15; shoes – $10.

Skechers’ motto is “Get in shape without setting foot in a gym.” I like the sound of that!!

I’m not sure about all these promises, but I can tell you they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.   Anyone else out there tried these boats.  Do they live up to their claims?

I’ll probably stumble around a while getting used to the unconventional construction.  And I was dismayed to learn they were made in China.  But isn’t everything?

Right now, they are still sitting on my kitchen’s center island out of Rebel Dawg’s reach – he was  eying them hungrily.

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9 thoughts on “They may not be pretty, but who cares!

  1. Hey….Angel Girl….I have finally joined the Tech Age and am a subscrbier to your Deluded Dive (have been bootlegging for years and loving it)….BUT anyway…I want a pair of these Sketchers….let me know if they really work…..although you are so in shape anyway….being around Marie all the time….that girl will kill you!!!!

    Can’t wait to see you at reunion!!!!

    Love you bunches…..Barton

  2. Wore them on my long walk yesterday for first time. They really make you work! All those promises made by Skechers are yet to materialize. Can’t wait to see you Friday!

  3. I wish I had known you were in Shreveport last weekend. Why were you here?

  4. Hi Judy. Wish I had called you. I was over there watching a friend referee an arena football game for the NFL. What fun. Have you seen the wingbats, or whatever they are called? Thoroughly enjoy Shreveport – Ate at a restaraunt called Superior Steakhouse. What a beautiful restaurant. Felt like I was in New York City! My friend Diane and I shopped until we dropped, then ended up spending hours at Barnes and Noble reading cookbooks. Love your city.

  5. Actually, I was in the hospital last weekend (had shoulder surgery). I have never been to a BattleWings game, but always wanted to go. My guess is that you shopped Youree Drive. About 10 years ago that was ALL cotton fields, so there have been many changes (good and bad) since we moved here in 1980. We do have some wonderful restaurants,so if you visit again, please let me know,. I would love to show you around.

  6. Okay, how are shoes?? Lost any weight…gained any muscle? We did have a great time in Shreveport. I love your website!!

  7. Still enjoying shoes, but let me tell you, they make you work harder trying to push over that hill on the bottom of the shoes! Verdict is still out on the promises for weight loss – heck they practically claim to cure cancer!.
    How was the Big Easy? Good turnout of Millsaps alums? And more important, how much trouble did Tim get into?


  8. The Big Easy was hot and humid, but there was a great turnout. I didn’t know a lot of the folks (I didn’t attend Millsaps) and Tim’s memory was a little fuzzy, but we had a really good time. He actually behaved himself!

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