Things your mother forgot to tell you

hining room mirror 013

I have been working for at least six years to get the streaks off the mirror which hangs over my living room fireplace.

Since the room is right off the kitchen and I have a lot of grease fires and smoke alarms, a thin veneer of mist has rendered the mirror practically “non-reflectionary.” (My new word for the day.)

I now understand the term ‘”smoke and mirrors” – sort of.


I’ve tried Windex, household ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, eyeglass cleaners, Scrubbing Bubbles and as a last resort – plain ole spit.  (Well, I really didn’t try the last method but I wanted to.)

Low and behold – after spending a fortune on various cleaning products – I read that  rubbing alcohol is the best remedy. Yesterday I bought a $1 bottle at the Dollar Tree and applied it straight up.  The steaks are gone, although it took several polishings with lint-free paper towels.

It worked so well, I attacked all the other mirrors in the house including the toothpaste-streaked mirror over my bathroom sink.  It was beautiful but as I gazed at my unencumbered reflection I spotted a brown spot above my lip.  What the…?  I guess it’s what some call “an age spot”.

So I hopped in the car to go to the drug store to buy some skin bleaching ointment which set me back $16.  My conclusion:  Cleaning house with homemade products has a lot of hidden costs.

I also recommend leaving the bathroom mirrors a little smoky lest you find some new wrinkles or spots.

3 thoughts on “Things your mother forgot to tell you

  1. Apparently you haven’t been using the makeup mirror we bought at Hazel’s. You would have seen the brown spot before conception. The “green stuff” we bought will cover that, if you still have it.:)

  2. Norma. I can’t bear to look at that 15X mirror. Too depressing. I used the green stuff and it covered it right up. Thanks for the suggestion. Incidentally, today is the day my hair falls out. I’m shedding like a Golden Retriever.

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