This one’s for you, ‘Rep’


This will only mean something to my classmates at dear ole West Point High.The rest of you can tune out but I wish you wouldn’t.

Two weeks ago we lost David Replogle (Class of 1964) who died in a freaky automobile accident near Jackson.  He slowed when an accident occurred on the other side of the interstate  and an 16 wheeler plowed into him.  It could have happened to any one of us.

One moment Rep (pictured above at right) was anticipating a pheasant hunting trip out west and in a split second he was gone, leaving a loving family and legions of friends, numb and disoriented.  Thankfully, he had attended his class reunion last year and we all were able to renew our friendship and remember happy times in West Point, the place I still believe is the center of the universe.

Rep was my neighbor and we spent many summer evenings playing hide and seek along Broad Street.  I once saw him do a flip when he ran into  Mrs. McHaney’s clothes line at dusk.

Rep’s class wants to remember him in a special way.  His wife Rosemary has selected Habitat for Humanity as his memorial.  There is not a current Habitat project on-going in her area (South Louisiana), so several classmates haven chosen the chapter in West Point.

There is currently a home under construction on Grove Street (for those of you who might remember it is across the street from Jimmy Weather’s parents home).  The outside is virtually complete but they are awaiting additional funding to complete the inside. Let’s all help this family get in by Christmas and remember Rep in a way he would have loved.

If you would like to contribute, please make your check to the Class of ’64 and Barbara Gregg Taylor will  make one check for the donation.  Mail to her at 1309 Walnut Road, West Point, MS 39773.

“It’s such a needy cause,” said Barbara.  “The family that will receive the house is a single mom with two daughters that are in West Point public schools. The mom has been through a divorce and working only part time now. The ex husband is in prison, I have been told for abuse. It is a great cause for all to get involved in and I know David would be pleased.”

If you can, please send Barbara a check – any amount will help and “Rep” will be up there smiling, just waiting for us to join him. Suddenly, as I remember Rep, I feel summer again.   We’re running barefoot through the yard, stopping to remove the stickers when necessary,  plucking blooms from the honeysuckle vine and sucking down the sweet juice. We’re just killing time until we run behind the fog truck, never dreaming that anything evil could possibly exist  in our world.

3 thoughts on “This one’s for you, ‘Rep’

  1. i have heard such nice things about this family and how deserving they are of this new home. such a wonderful tribute to David to make a donation that will change three lives for many years to come.
    thanks for sharing the information.

  2. I also have fond memories of my cousin David. We called his bigger-than- life father Rep. His sweet mother, Dorothy, visited my mother often, was the first on scene at any crisis. I mostly remember David and his brother in high top white shoes at Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. I loved him as a little boy. Afterwards I saw him mainly at funerals for our kin. He was attentive to my Aunt Lula and cousin Cecille Ballard, staying in touch after his parents were gone. David will be missed.

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