The Deluded Diva

Those were the bad ole days


Remember the Infamous cigarette machine? There was a time when they were in every restaurant and practically on every street corner. Thank goodness those days are over. If I recall, a pack was a quarter back in the 60s. What are they today?  About $5?


On Wednesday, my boys and I visited the Nashville bar (The Villager Tavern) where everyone was puffing up a storm as they competed in a dart championship.  Boy Howdy.  That was some kind of great exercise.  Puffing, tossing darts and swilling beer from dawg bowls.

I had to burn the clothes I was wearing because they reeked of smoke.  Hard to believe we once thought smoking was sophisticated.  But William tells me drinking out of dawg bowls is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

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