Thoughts on tiny homes


I was visiting with Father John yesterday in the church rectory.  It’s a beautiful place and I was amazed how organized he is.


But he said he would scrap it all and move into a 300 square foot home in a heart beat if only he could have a huge garage in which to store his toys – his boat, his golf clubs, fishing gear and his truck.

Got me thinking about my own life. I live in an old farm house(circa 1888) which is around 2,000 square feet. But if I’m honest with myself, I live in a mere 300 square feet of the space.  The rest is simply “storage” for all the stuff I’ve amassed in the past 35 years of “collecting.” I would swap it all for a tiny cottage like the one pictured.

I haven’t been in my front guest room since cleaning it up for Christmas company and I’m not even sure I can find the back guest room.  The front parlor is stilted and uncomfortable – no one EVER goes up there.  The dining room is little more than a hallway to my master suite.

To be honest, I spend my quality time in my little ladies’ recliner – it feels like home.  What’s that – about three square feet?  Do we really need or want those monster homes which must be heated and cooled and cleaned?

scale Brenda and I went to an estate sale yesterday at the home of a couple who are retiring and down sizing.  We picked up all kinds of good junk for a song.  What struck me as sad is that they were selling their collection of old kitchen scales picked up from all over the world over a lifetime.

Of course, I came home with one and Brenda came home with one.

I made a deal with myself that I won’t bring home another thing until I give something away something of equal size.

Any one need perfectly good Slap and Chop?

I spent the first half of my life collecting antiques, and I haven’t learned my lesson yet

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on tiny homes

  1. I know how you feel. I’ve got some much “stuff”. I’m consdering selling
    several collections, one being my antique toothpicks and another some of
    the teapots, I’ve collected over 40 yrs. I have so much stored that I don’t
    see unless I’m looking for something and happen upon it, in a closet the pantry or drawers. Anybody need a toothpick collections??
    Enjoyed, Kathryn Ramsey

  2. KATHY, You’re the only person I know who collects antique toothpicks! Are they unusual or look like the ones we have today? Please let me know if you have a tag sale – I’ll bring a crowd!!

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