Time for a New Year’s tweak

Confetti Girl

July 1 is always an important day in my life. The year reaches the halfway mark and you get a chance for a “do-over” – just in case you haven’t followed through with the resolutions you set six months ago on New Year’s Eve.

I’m really, really big on goal setting and planning things on paper – sometimes that’s all I do – just dream and plan, and dream some more,  and low and behold the year’s half gone and I still haven’t begun the hard work.

I’m spending these last few moments  of June  thinking about the people that play important  roles in my life.  They are the people I admire for what they are contributing to this world.

My list is long and their contributions are so enormous.  It’s made up of the people I look to for inspiration.

My sons are first on the list.  They have put up with me for all their lives and make me proud.

There’s Elizabeth Gwin (who just turned 101), Shirley Dawkins, (my garden Mama), Marie (my personal trainer), Norma (the person I like to whine to because she always turns my woes inside out),  Ruthie (who redefined the term ‘loyal’), Margaret Ann (who is the most generous person I know)  and Yvonne and Brenda (my perfect neighbors who like to laugh and go wild occasionally). And of course, there’s Barton, Olivia, Barbara, Jack and Conley.

You have them too  – the people you could call if you had a flat tire in the middle of no where, and knew they would come.

I’m amazed by how many people have shaped this world into a better place because they treat people the way they would like to be treated. Jesus told us, but we doubted.  How simple.  How divine.

Make your list and you’ll see how blessed you are, and you  might begin to appreciate the people who add color and texture to the world.  Happy New Half Year!

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