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One of the nice things about living within “spittin” distance of the town where you grew up, is that you can get together at a moment’s notice when one of the classmates who “escaped” comes back to town.

Last night it was a mini-reunion for Carole Higgins and Sandy White (both class of ‘65) whose visits happened to converge – both were home to check on ailing parents.  But at our ages, it’s a blessing to still have a parent living.

Carole lives in Austin, Texas, and Sandy lives in Orlando, Florida. (I use their maiden names because I can’t spell both of their last names.)

We met at Anthony’s – another West Point treasure – for some good food, great conversation and lots of laughs as we relieved our formative years. We have known each other since kindergarten, although I’m the only classmate raised “across the tracks” and attended East Side Elementary.  They were West Siders and never let me forget it.

Through the years we have maintained close contact, and their “destination” locations are the foundation for many great road trips.

A friend of mine in Starkville – weary of hearing about my growing up experiences in The Point commented “I haven’t seen my classmates in 40 years and really don’t have any great desire to do so.”

What a pity.  There is no greater joy than spending quality time with those people who are destined to travel beside us through this life.  They keep me grounded in some kind of strange way.  They know all my weaknesses and love me anyway. (Fortunately I had just had my roots touched up earlier in the day.)

What little is left of my memory centers on early experiences in The Point which is fine with me.  I have no idea what I had for breakfasts today, but I vividly remember my first smoke back in 1060 – fashioned from corn husks – out behind Linda Hazlewood’s barn.

Pictured above: Bubba Atkins (Norma’s husband), Ruthie Weathers, Marie Portera, Don Morton (Carole’s husband who incidentally picked up the tab), Carole and her mother, and Norma Clark Atkins.  Sandy had to leave a little early to check on her mother.

6 thoughts on “Time out for friends

  1. Emily- you are so blessed to have such close friends from your school days. There is nothing like an “old friend” to keep you in check!

  2. Emily—I am so glad to see that you treasure old friends as I do. This Sunday I am leaving for Memphis for a 2 day reunion with 8 friends from the class of ’54 at the W. When we get together each year we seem to revert back to the people we were so many, many years ago. We laugh, talk, eat, drink——and make pictures (I am the one who insists on that).

    Shirley D.

  3. Our mini reunions are better than any drugs for depression
    After we’ve been together and laughed
    so much,I always think how fortunate
    we all are to still
    be friends.Life is
    good even at 50-12.

  4. Oh, Emily, you remind me that I can’t wait to get together with the girls of ’66 whenever we can. It took us 40 years to really reconnect but then most of us had retired or have now so we can get together more often. I am an East Sider, so anytime you need “help” just let me know!!

  5. Becky, Yeah – let’s whip up on those west siders! Like ya’ll, we didn’t reconnect for 40 years, but once we did, the years fell away instantly. What’s your next outing? We are going to Naples, Florida in July – Norma has reserved the Bryan’s beach house and we have vowed to leave “good” clothes and make-up at home.

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