The Deluded Diva

Time to plan the Christmas dinner

baby possum

Would Pepe le ‘Possum be better than Tom Turkey?

My aunt gave me an early Christmas present which I cherish more than anything she has ever given me.

She brought me a bag full of my grandmother’s old cookbooks, stuffed with her special recipes and those of my great grandmother – some dating to the turn of the century and written in their own hand. I could hardly get Thanksgiving dinner on the table I was so engrossed in these treasures.

One book in particular dates to the Great Depression. Here is my favorite recipe which I will be preparing for Christmas.

(Tee Hee-when my family reads this they will begin making other plans.)

‘Possum and Sweet Potatoes (yum yum)

Pour la large kettleful of hot water into a convenient vessel and add and small shovelful of ashes and then put the ‘possum in. Turn the ‘possum round until fur is loosened and it can easily be scraped clean.

Draw, remove head and feet, wash thoroughly. Salt in and outside, let hang over night to freeze. Wash again and put in baking pan with a little water. Cover closely and put over the fire.

When tender, remove cover and put in the oven to brown. Dust with pepper and baste frequently with drippings, have medium potatoes peeled and boiled tender in slightly salted water, adding butter and a little sugar. When tender, arrange potatoes around ‘possum, basting frequently with juices until brown. Arrange ‘possum on platter with potatoes round him, and serve.

The good thing is – I have lots of ‘possums around my house this time of the year and Rebel has even killed a few. So my Christmas dinner will be very economical. But the recipe omitted step one: Inject yourself with valium or something stronger before beginning the process. That’s the only way I could carry this off!

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