Today is “Frump Day”


It’s only the 8th of January and I’ve broken every one of my New Year’s Resolutions – every single one..,joyfully I might add..

They were 1) No Sugar, 2) Perk up my wardrobe and retire the sweats, and 3)  Declutter the house – Nope.  Not in the cards this year.


It’s all because of Jean Crosby, bless her heart  Just as I put the period on my resolutions on New Year’s day Jean dropped by with a little box of caramel and fudge candies.

Oh my gawd, they were so good!  I dumped a trash can in the middle of the floor and pulled on my favorite hoodie which is so old the cuffs are frayed and there’s a big Clorox stain on the right elbow..

I watched the BBC version of “The Office” and laughed my head off.  Don’t tell me you can’t have a party of one.  But today, with a sugar hangover and a severe case of bedhead I pulled myself up to try again.

Although….In the immortal words of my favorite author (Brenda Ueland)  “If I did not wear torn pants, orthopedic shoes, frantic disheveled hair, that is to say, if I did not tone down my beauty, people would go mad.  Married men would run amuck.”:

Incidentally, at age eighty something, Brenda walked nine miles a day and liked to spend time improving her handstands.

Being cool, fashionable and aloof won’t get us far in this life to which we have only a one-day ticket.  So let’s make January 8 national “frump” day.  Wear your most comfy sweats and and dare to show folks who you are underneath all the trappings..

Okay. I can do that but I do need to paint on my eyebrows which I’ve been doing since sixth grade.  I remember sitting on my mother’s bed while she drew them on every day.  I’d sooner go without my shirt than my eyebrows!

The point of this whole diatribe is to challenge you to be yourself one day out of the year unless you have no eyebrows. Then, you need to draw them on.

Happy Frump Day! And, yes, guys can be frumps too.

7 thoughts on “Today is “Frump Day”

  1. Emily, you should try permanent eye makeup, brows and liner. It is so awesome, I have been doing it for years, it is not permanent, you do have to get it touched up every year or so.


  2. Yeah, a day without eyebrows is…unthinkable! I’m in total agreement about the rest, but then I always am. You are both witty and wise, my dear!

  3. I tried that Suzanne but painted them in too dark with huge tall peaks – I looked like Dracula and had to wear sunglasses for six months. Do you get someone to do it with dye or something? I also saw some on Amazon which were paste on fuzzy things but they looked like caterpillars. Not a good look for me.

  4. Emily, it is a “tattoo”, I go to a professional/licensed person. She is very careful to make sure that the color fits you. I have been doing the eyeliner for 10+ years, only started the eyebrows a couple of years ago. A lot of the nail salons over here has someone that does permanent make up. If you ever try it you will love it!

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