The Deluded Diva

Today is National Letting Go of Stuff Day


What’s with the human tendency to accumulate “stuff”?

Is it about expanding our footprint in the world, reinforcing our existence, telling the world, “I’m here!”? Or is it just plain laziness and guilt that we bought the stuff in the first place?

Why is this so hard to do? People keep “stuff” for all sorts of reasons:

I might need it one day….
I don’t want to hurt so and so’s feelings….
I don’t want to seem ungrateful….
It was so expensive…..
Do you know how much this is worth…..
It brings back so many memories….

Yes these are all great reasons and you know what…. if you have the space then by all means organize your stuff into designated areas and call it a day.

However it isn’t always as easy at that because I have found that “pack rats” will quickly fill any space no matter what the size……the “stuff” eventually overwhelms the space.

At this point your stuff “owns” you and not the other way around. You need to take back the control because the one thing you have to remember is it’s just “stuff.”

As I faced my crammed “prop closet” this morning, I was determined to get rid of some things that will never be used or enjoyed again.  I selected a lamp that hasn’t worked in years and has a broken base.

As I jammed it into a garbage bag with bits of wrapping paper, some lopsided baskets, and several old cookbooks, I felt a stab of nostalgia.  My boys broke that lamp twice playing football in the den.  I carefully glued it back together and they broke it again within weeks.

One of those cookbooks belonged to my mother and has tomato and chocolate stains she inadvertently placed on the pages.  How could I let that go?

Well, at least I threw away the old wrapping paper. It was all wrinkled anyway.   So much for “Letting Go of Stuff Day”.”   Tomorrow is Make up your Own Holiday Day.  I think I’ll declare it “Go Through Your Stuff Day” and clean out a closet just for the memories…

The fourth Thursday in March is officially Let Go Of Stuff Day – a day to claim your personal power. If you’re not ready to dump some material stuff, why not do some interior cleaning. Maybe this can be the day to renew your spirit and let go of situations that are holding you back from realizing  your dreams.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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