Tomato time – well, almost

Planting tomatos at Brendas 009

So we rushed it.  I don’t care. The Brandywine heirloom tomatoes  I bought at the Garden Expo two weeks ago were looking a little peaked living under my florescent kitchen task light.

Today, I declared that winter is over and Brenda, David and I planted tomatoes in their garden.  I don’t have enough sun but David grows beautiful tomatoes in his shady garden. I wish I knew his secret.

I’ll go dig them back up if we get another freeze.

Planting tomatos at Brendas 021

I can already taste our first BLT.

Please note Brenda’s muscles which we have built in the last three weeks at the gym.  Mine aren’t quite as firm, but by the time we pick our first tomato, I will able to wave without any flapping  at all.

I am such an optimist.  Especially when it comes to tomatoes… and arms that continue to wave goodbye after you’ve left the porch.

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