Too old for Facebook?





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3 thoughts on “Too old for Facebook?

  1. I too stalk around Facebook, and yes it is a good way to keep up with lots of people and happenings. If not for we oldies what would Braddock do, he is so sweet too so many,. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear someone say Braddock just left my house. What a kind and sweet man you raised who knows how to make sure the oldies can use all this modern technology and feel good about it.

  2. Love how you put thoughts into words that give a smile and make the point. I thought you were comouter literate if you knew how to use an iPad! Love you and so many of us look forward to your observations on life..keep strong and please keep writing.

  3. Thank you Beverly for the kind comments about Braddock. His patience with people “of a certain age” is remarkable and he earned it the hard way – dealing with his Mother (me).

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