Tracking heavenly bodies


It’s ironic that a meteor hit somewhere in Russia last night while we were sleeping.  The explosion occurred just as scientists were tracking a 130,000 ton asteroid careening toward earth.  Weird, huh?


“They” tell us it is massive, frightening and getting closer by the hour, but “they” promise it will miss Earth by about 17,000 miles.

I hope “they” know of which they speak, but skeptic that I am, I am planning to enjoy the next few hours to the max. (Would they really tell us if Earth was in its path and risk the mass panic that would result?)

Personally I plan to partake fully of the adventure of today or whatever portion of it remains – not wasting a single moment.  Starting when I finish this post I shall unplug the television, get off the computer, shut off my cell phone and LIVE without distraction.  I will let go of silly fears of what others might think and go out in the front yard to sing, dance, turn somersaults (if I still can)  and do exactly what my soul moves me to do.

Oh, and I’m going to eat that entire box of Valentine candy a friend brought me yesterday.  I was saving it for something I can’t quite recall,  but if the asteroid should misbehave and veer off its promised course, I will go out a blaze of glory in a chocolate stupor which is how I’d like to go.

Life comes and goes so quickly and so many of us wander through it on auto pilot.  Let’s get out there and do some serious LIVING before we all become Stardust, baby!

3 thoughts on “Tracking heavenly bodies

  1. Amen to that …I am 69 this year, trying to decide when to retire.
    Probably should have been yesterday.

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