Training for the marathon – Week 7

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Our assignment was nine miles.  We figure we made eight before we ran up on a bridge that would only support 15 tons.  We decided that was a good excuse to quit and have some lunch.

Next week we’re going to get someone to drive us nine miles out in the country and put us out.  That way we’ll be forced to get in the full nine miles before breaking for lunch.

Today we walked the South farm of Mississippi State University which reminds me of an English countryside. We noticing the cattle chuckling on the far side as we drug ourselves along the route.  We only saw one other person during our walk. It was just us and the cows, sheep and horses.

There are exactly nine weeks left until the Music City Marathon in Nashville (April 25).  There’s still time if you want to join us.  We could use some new blood since we’ve managed to share every single bit of wisdom we possess during our walk and talk sessions. We could use some fresh conversation!

We’re beginning to feel some of the benefits of training for a goal.  We have tons of energy and remember it was not long ago that we could barely make four miles!  Eight was a breeze, but I’m thinking I may need a foot transplant before I can make the full 13.1 miles!

Last week, we hiked Sipsey Wilderness and got a taste of life as it must have been thousands of years ago. We’re going back to go kayaking in a few weeks.

“Change can be frightening,
but only by changing
can you experience growth.
Only by challenging yourself
to do what seems impossible
can you ever know how much
you can achieve.” Author unknown

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