Treasuring friendship-Best Friends Day


A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime.

Today, August 15 is Best Friends Day and a great time to appreciate those people who have befriended us and shared our time on the planet.

best friends

If you’re lucky, you have a best friend. If you are really, really lucky, you have a number of best friends. You spend countless hours together, going to events and activities, or just hanging out. You share secrets, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and disappointments with your best friend.

Some folks say you can only have one best friend. This author disagrees. You can have a couple at the same time, or several over time. Friends come and go for a variety of reasons. It’s the result of many things, including moving, changing schools or jobs, and more. We hope that you are lucky enough to have a number of best friends over the years.

Maybe today is a  good time to pick up the phone and call an old best friend that you’ve lost touch with.  I’m having lunch with five of my new friends who I hope will soon become best friends too.

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