Triggers for boomer memories

test pattern

Do you recognize the diagram above?  If you’re over the age of 55, I bet you do.  Of course, it’s what we watched on television late at night or early in the morning before 24-hour programming was introduced.   I think we called it a “test pattern” and it got more air time than the precious few TV programs that were produced in “the good ole days.”

ice trayt

The older I get, the fonder I become of remembering those days – before the horrors or terrorism and political correctness invaded our lives.

  1. I know, I know.  We had polio. The Russians, and iron lungs to worry about, but at least we weren’t slammed with it 24 hours a day on cable news and instant access online “newspapers” which can now update stories at a moments notice.

rinnger.I found an old ice tray like the one above at The Trading post the other day.  I couldn’t resist purchasing it for at least 10 times what it cost in 1955.  I’m also in the market for an old ringer washing machine like my mother used when I was a toddler.  I plan to put it on my lawn as a container for my impatiens.   Can’t you just see them spilling over the side, and my neighbors whispering about starting a  petition outlawing some of the junk which finds it way into my garden.

I call this “historic preservation” and think I should be applauded!.

8 thoughts on “Triggers for boomer memories

  1. Only station we could get was the CBS affiliate WCBI Channel 4 out of Columbus. Thank goodness the Ed Sullivan show was on CBS. We’d have missed the Beatles.

  2. Yeah – Bill- WCBI only had programming from Uncle Bunky through sign off with national anthem around 10:30. We played “girl” games outside while you and Bucky were dreaming up your next event of,shock and awe.

  3. I can’t remember when we actually got our first TV, but the first TV show I remember was Howdy Doody… very snowy picture on Linda R’s TV when we both lived on Grove St.

  4. Well, I guess that in 1950 to 1960 or somewhere alone the way, the TV reception went from fuzzy to clear. When we first got the TV…probably in the mid 50’s, we had an outside antenna that was controlled or rotated by an electric box that sat on top of the TV. Now you must realize that the Antenna was probably 40 to 50 feet up on a pole. The Antenna could be rotated so we could pick up a “Fuzzy” Memphis and Birmingham. I also think we got Meridian…Hmmm, I wonder why Meridian has a station strong enough to reach WP.. But as “they” say….those were the days…I’m just glad that I live in todays world.

  5. One of the funniest things I remember is the cartoon the tv station would put on the screen when the reception went out. It said, “It ain’t you. It ain’t us. It must be them.”
    I remember watching “Kate Smith” and “Queen for a Day” after I got home from school. I was also a Gene Autry fan. King Cotton bacon ran a promotion where you could save up coupons for Gene Autry items. I wanted a Gene Autry watch where his gun moved back an forth as the watch ticked. All of my parents’ friends and even the employees at the grocery saved coupons for me. I finally had enough to get a watch and a gun and holster too! I was a rootin’ tootin’ cowgirl! 🙂

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