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Being a Southerner through and through, no decent day ever began without a bowl of grits.  Here are some interesting tidbits my friend Gerald sent to me this morning. 

What Are Grits?

Nobody knows.  Some folks believe grits are grown on bushes and are harvested by midgets by shaking the bushes after spreading sheets around them.  Many people feel that grits are made from ground up bits of white corn.

These are obviously lies spread by Communists terrorists and Yankees. Nothing as good as Grits can be made from corn.  The most recent research suggests that the mysterious Manna that God rained down upon the Israelites during their time in the Sinai Desert was most likely Grits.  Critics disagree, stating that there is no record of biscuits, butter, salt, and red eye gravy raining down from the sky, and that God would not punish his people by forcing them to eat Grits without these key ingredients..

How Grits are Formed.
Grits are formed deep underground under intense heat and pressure.  It takes over 1000 years to form a single Grit.  Most of the world’s grit mines are in South Carolina , and are guarded day and night by armed guards and pit bull dogs.  Harvesting the Grit is a dangerous occupation, and many Grit miners lose their lives each year so that Grits can continue to be served morning after morning for breakfast (not that having Grits for lunch and supper is out of the question).

Yankees have attempted to create synthetic Grits.  They call it Cream of Wheat.  As far as we can tell, the key ingredients of Cream of Wheat are Elmer ‘s Glue and shredded styrofoam.  These synthetic grits have also been shown to cause nausea, and may leave you unable to have children.

Historical Grits
As we mentioned earlier, the first known mention of Grits was by the Ancient Israelites in the Sinai Desert .  After that, Grits were not heard from for another 1000 years. Experts feel that Grits were used during this time only during secret religious ceremonies, and were kept from the public due to their rarity.

The next mention of Grits was found amidst the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii in a woman’s personal diary.  The woman’s name was Herculaneum Jemimaneus ( Aunt Jemima to her friends.)

The 10 Commandments of Grits
I.      Thou shalt not put syrup on thy Grits
II.     Thou shalt not eat thy Grits with a spoon or knife
III.    Thou shalt not eat Cream of Wheat and call it Grits, for this is blasphemy .
IV.    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Grits.
V.     Thou shalt use only salt, butter, and red-eye gravy as toppings for thy Grits.  * (Except Louisiana folk sometimes

add cheese which is perfectly acceptable, even preferred by the enlightened).
VI    Thou shalt not eat Instant Grits.
VII.   Thou shalt not put ketchup on thy Grits.
VIII.  Thou shalt not put margarine on thy Grits.
IX.    Thou shalt not eat toast with thy Grits, only biscuits made from scratch.
X.     Thou shalt eat grits on the Sabbath for this is manna from heaven.

How to Eat Grits
Immediately after removing your grits from the stove top, add a generous portion of butter or red eye gravy. (WARNING:  Do NOT use low-fat butter.) The butter should cause the Grits to turn a wondrous shade of yellow. (Hold a banana or a yellow rain slicker next to your Grits; if the colors match, you have the correct amount of butter.)

In lieu of butter, pour a generous helping of red eye gravy on your grits.  Be sure to pour enough to have some left for sopping up with your biscuits. Never, ever substitute canned or store bought biscuits for the real thing because they caused cancer, rotten teeth and impotence in lab Yankees.

Next, add salt.  (NOTICE:  The correct ration of Grit to Salt is 10:1 Therefore for every 10 grits, you should have 1 grain of salt.)
Now begin eating your grits.  Always use a fork, never a spoon, to eat Grits. Your grits should be thick enough so they do not run through the tines of the fork…

The correct beverage to serve with Grits is black coffee.   DO NOT use cream or, heaven forbid, Skim Milk.)

Your grits should never be eaten in a bowl because Yankees will think its Cream of Wheat.

5 thoughts on “True Grits

  1. Speaking of grits, we had a first last week-end, had dinner at a friend’s home and were served fried grits and quail. I could not imagine how this would taste. It was devine! The quail and gravy were served over the grits and tasted almost like a dumpling. Grits were cooked prior to serving, spread on a baking pan, cooled in the fridge, cut in squares, then each
    square was cut in half before frying. DELICIOUS!!!

  2. Emily, JPaul once told some Harvard scholars that grits came from trees and then showed them white crepe myrtles in full bloom! To this day we call white crepe myrtles, “grits trees”!

  3. Delightful! I read the article you wrote in today’s paper. What a wonderful obit. Her daughter had class too. I tried to call you but heard you don’t take calls anymore. Hope you haven’t had threats. Dean and I got such a kick out of it that I had to call Doris Wise who lives at Waterford now on the first floor. Her son Mike was visiting her from El Salvador so your fame will spread. Her paper will come tomorrow and Mike will read it. Thanks for giving her a lift too. We both enjoy your writing. Come see us.


  4. So happy to hear from you, Jeanette. Miss seeing you. Please tell Doris my Aunt Helen is also at the Waterford – I expect their paths have crossed.

    I let my landline go and operate with a cell. I’ll send you the number in an e-mail if you’ll send your address to me –

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