Turning over a green leaf


I have a confession to make – I’ve probably made it before on this forum – but repeating myself has become a big joke among my children.


Here’s the confession – I detest vegetables – well, except spinach. I’ve loved spinach since I was a wee child and used to open a can of spinach as an after school snack (nursery school).

In fact, my parents taught me how to use a can opener when I was three. But a recent press release warned that spinach is among the most nasty of nasty produce to carry contaminants and such.  So nix the spinach until my teeth start falling out.

I am a gusty connoisseur of all things protein.  A hamburger for instance, I always look forward to eating.  A hunk of prime rib?  I’d throw a crazed raccoon at an old lady to ensure I got the last piece.

bussels spourd  If I had to choose between eating Brussels Sprouts or die, I would choose die.  They taste like dirty socks smell.  (A friend of mine calls them Satan’s testicles.)

This week I’m adopting a “vegetable of the week” and forcing it down three times daily. I will begin with a green bean – three  per day.

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