Tweak your chili recipe for cookoff


If today wasn’t a chili day, I don’t know what is.  A fog loomed around until after lunch and the air was nippy.  Yes, nippy. I started a pot of chili in my new crock pot and headed to West Point. Like a homing pigeon I always head there when I need a fix of home.

putting out monster mash posters 006

Bucky, Norma, Valeda, and I got out some posters for the Chili Bash/Monster Mash WPHS reunion coming up on October 26.  This is my classes’ attempt to get as many of our old friends together as possible – and not just our class.  We want all classes to feel welcome.  After all, we don’t get to see you all that often.

Valeda Carmichael, owner of Culinarts has agreed to handle the logistics. She operates  the premier culinary store in north Mississippi and has, like a dozen culinary degrees. She knows her chili!

We ran into Bud Bowen who revealed that his 65th birthday is Oct. 26. So…we hereby declare October 26  National Bud Bowen Day.  (Bud is the most colorful character in our class who is the voice of the West Point High School Green Wave.)

I’m about to come up with some rules for the chili competition, but frankly, there aren’t many.  Bring a crockpot of your best chili recipe to Teen Town and our celebrity judges will carefully consider each one.  After the over-all winner is named, we will open the  chili smorgasbord up to all guests to taste and vote on the Peoples Choice winner.

Then the Torquays will play and we can sway to the tunes that “brung us to the dance.”  I can’t wait. Norma is also working on a half time show that will knock your socks off.

Let me know if you want to enter the chili cookoff. We kind of need to know in advance so we can make sure we have enough electricity to power all the crock pots.  (Teen Town is really old you know – even older than us and in much better shape.) If we blow out all the circuits we will really have a spooky Halloween Party.

Most of all, come join us.  To my knowledge we haven’t tried to have a multi-class reunion ever.  Overdue, don’t you think”?

8 thoughts on “Tweak your chili recipe for cookoff

  1. This is such an awesome idea!! Bob, Priscilla and I are planning a trip home
    for the special week-end!! Susanne

  2. This is a great idea and, I agree, it’s time to join together for a reunion! I hope many members of the class of 1966 will be present.

  3. Hey Liz – it’s going to be such fun. We see our class regularly but not always the others. Methinks we may need name tags! Do you have an email for Vicki (comment above). Want to send her the t-shirt info. Wasn’t she in your class?

  4. Robbie and I are really looking forward to the reunion! —- What a wonderful idea to get all the classes together.

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