Stop twerking, you twit!

Twerk2I’m sorry.  I never heard the word “twerk,” until Marie told me about it last week.   I thought it might be an adaptation of  twerp or  twit which we called each other in high school.

Nope, folks.  This is something entirely new and you might use it in the same sentence with Miley Cyrus.  Does that clarify it for you, and make you want to wash your mouth out with soap? It probably is good exercise as my Dummy demonstrates.


cyrusI didn’t see Cyrus’ latest antics on television, but that’s all the media was talking about the next day, which was probably the girl’s objective.  She had kind of lost her luster and needed some press I guess.

The big deal was a provocative dance she did wearing the Big Finger – you know the one.  Like people wear at ballgames to motivate their teams. I heard the guy who introduced The Big Finger is really upset that his invention was used to promote Cyrus’ porn career.

I wish I could be around when this twit tries to twerk at age 65. Now that would be worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Stop twerking, you twit!

  1. Might have been a West Point thing, Yvonne, We used it to mean a goofy person. Silly etc. But did you know about twerking? I must have been snoozing for the last decade. Come see us. We miss you,

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